is a new token with 10% rewards in bakery token

The first community driven token that gives rewards in BAKE for just hold!

Contract Address:


Who is AngryBakery?

Imagine having the huge problem of having to explain to your grandson that you got rich selling donuts, but not just any donuts, but angry donuts.

AngryBakery is the first community driven token that gives rewards in BAKE for just hold.

This way AngryBakery partners with BakerySwap and its native token BAKE, to together be unstoppable!

Why give rewards in Bake?

Bake is the native token of BakerySwap launched on September 20, 2020 and currently has $396M marketcap.

BAKERYSWAP is not only an Exchange but also one of the main platforms for buying and selling NFT’s that every day is gaining relevance and increasing its market value.


How to buy


Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list.


Buy and send BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses start with a «0x»


Head on to PancakeSwap and swap for $ANGRYBAKERY

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap or use this address to select ANGRYBAKERY. Set the slippage tolerance to 19% (sometimes it may be 23-25%, depending on how much demand there is)


View $AngryBakery and HODL

Swap BNB for AngryBakery. Now you need to add ANGRYBAKERY to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet to view your $ANGRYBAKERY. Lastly HODL and start earning BAKE!



10% Redistribution in Bake

10% of every purchase/sale will go directly to you, our beloved holders! You just have to hold at least 200,000 AngryBakery tokens.

Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes

If the volume is high, the rewards will be distributed automatically every 60 minutes. Note: If the volume of operations is lower, it may take longer, but there is no need to worry because they are added up and you will receive them all at once.

1% Auto Liquidity Pool

A 1% of every transaction goes directly to the liquidity in order to build a Price floor gaining in stability.

3% Sell Fee

AngryBakery is a long-term project and to ensure that it grows organically a 3% tax is applied to all sales, preventing whales from causing panic and to reduce swing trading.

Secured By Design

After the Dxsale presale the initial Liquidity will be automatically locked with DXLOCK as you will be able to check by yourself.

Massive Marketing Plan

5% of all transactions goes to the marketing wallet. This will be used to pay for some serious marketing campaigns, influencer promotions, shilling experts and everything else needed to moon.




– Launching AngryBakery website

– Launching Telegram Official Community

– Presale Marketing Campaing (Twitter, Poocoin Ads,…)


– Aggressive marketing campaings on several regions

– Listing on CoinGecko

– Listing on CoinMarketCap

– Different marketing campaings with Influencers

$500k MarketCap
$500k MarketCap

– Developing own Dashboard

– Contests with giveaways

$5M MarketCap
$5M MarketCap

– TrustWallet logo 

– Audit

$20M MarketCap
$20M MarketCap

– Own native NFT’s trading platform

$50M MarketCap
$50M MarketCap

– Dev Team doxxing



AngryBakery is the first community driven token that gives rewards in BAKE for just holding. Hop on and let’s moon together.

Our reward system is triggered by volume (buy + sell activity to cover gas fees). Payouts to holders may not occur every hour if trading volume is low. When this is the case, the amount of rewarded BAKERY each holder will receive does not decrease. However, will accrue over a longer period of time until it is suitable for a payout to trigger (usually a few hours).

AngryBakery team will be Doxxing at $50M.

Initial liquidity provided will be locked with DxSale for more than 6 months. Meanwhile the contract will be audited by Techrate & CertiK.

There is no minimum of $ANGRYBAKERY tokens needed by each holder.

But in case that you want to benefit from the BAKERY reward distribution you just need hold 200,000 $ANGRYBAKERY tokens.


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